Goalie Virtual

Workout Program

Structure & Purpose

Train wherever you want and whenever you can with a professional workout app on your phone, tablet or desktop. Designed by our team of Goalies & Strength coaches.

Dahan Goaltending partnered up with Volt Athletics to help goalies have structured and accountable off-ice workouts tailored to each individual.

The App allows the athlete to focus on their workout and for our coaches to see their progress.

Take Advantage of Technology

With Volt’s user-friendly mobile app, athletes can log workouts from wherever they’re training. No Equipment Required.

Exact Instructions for every Exercise

Athletes log each set from their easy-to-use Volt app, complete with technique videos and step-by-step instructions.

Detailed Reports for each Workout

After each workout is completed, a detailed report is generated for you and your athletes, complete with sets completed, tonnage lifted, and more.

You Have Control

with the Help of AI

Volt’s training is powered by Cortex, Volt’s performance training AI. Based on athlete feedback while they train, Cortex adjusts workouts in real time for optimal results.


Fraser Slaa

Fraser Slaa

Lead Coach & Program Manager

Fraser is a well-prepared coach with experience working goaltenders on and off the ice. Knowledgeable with a degree graduate from the Strength and Conditioning program from Sheridan College.

Aside from his passion for helping others perform better in sports, Fraser is a school teacher and enjoys dealing with youth.

Fraser will be available during the day to answer your fitness and health questions via TeamSnap when you join our program.

My daughter is really enjoying it! She is taking a lot of initiative, and the app is really easy to use and understand. It takes out a lot of the thinking for her as the workouts are all laid out for her. Her and I wish you had this earlier.

– Adrian M.

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